Class Cruncher

Class Cruncher uses optimisation maths to model possible classes in a primary/ elementary school.
It quickly calculates potential class to teacher structures and ratios.

Click 'Start Optimization' button for 15 free solves.

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Setup page

Use the simple layout to enter your cohorts of students. Students are entered in year groups. Enter the amount of classes you wish to create. Then click the SOLVE button.

Alternately, allow Classcruncher to determine how many classes you require based on the numbers and class sizes entered (see FAQ for further detail ).

Options page

The options page allows you to adjust how Classcruncher will use the potential classes. You can create composites from the beginning, create stage classes or set the minimum amount of students of one type within a composite class.

Results page

The results page allows you to email the results to yourself in plain text in a standard email. Or alternately print it out straight away. You can then explore multiple options through the solve again button or go back and adjust the parameters you have set.